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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Wreath Tutorial....

Here's what you will need:
1 12" in diameter foam wreath

1 package of floral pins

50 or 60 wads of paper of your choice ( I used brown craft paper)

Optional: Wood numbers "2 5"

Antique white craft paint and old brush

Oh, and a glue gun...

(You will also need a glue gun and sticks)

Wad your paper, then push the floral pins through the paper
into the foam, careful not to push to hard.

This is just one layer, I did 3.

2 Layers, almost done ;)

All 3 done!!

Now you will need your paint color of choice, I chose
antique white.

Taking an old brush, dry brush your paint on.  Dry brush you
ask??  Dab your brush in the paint, and wipe most of
it off, then dab it on the wood.

Here's the finished result, you will need to hot glue gun
your numbers on, and I added a wool plaid bow to hang.
Hope you have fun!!! :)