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Friday, May 20, 2016

Grubby Punkins....A Sneak Peek into Fall both are SOLD

"Make Do Matildah"

She is a true make do doll.
Her head, body, and legs are painted and aged.  Her
arms are from an old dolly that donated them.
She is wearing are very tattered and torn antique
blue dress.  The perfect doll for tose of you that love 
the early worn look.  Now she is a little baby, just 18" without 
her stem, but she fits so nicely in a cupboard, or
tucked on a shelf...
Price$ 125 plus shipping  SOLD

"Little Penny Punkin"

A prim standing pumpkin.
A drab orange color.  She is wearing a dress made 
from antique blue homespun.  She has my dusty attic finish, also 
with a tattered and torn farmhouse look.
Price$ 149 plus shipping SOLD

For purchase email me wootown2003@yahoo.com

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Little May Bunny Now SOLD

Price $165 plus shipping
email me for purchase @wootown2003@yahoo.com
have a Happy Mother's Day
blessings Tammy