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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A "by thy hands" Prim bathroom...in progress...

Well, this bathroom was a challenge and I am still not done. I still need an over the toilet storage unit, but, it has to be prim... and that is not easy to find. So I forsee myself making my own, or doctoring one up. I did the "Baths 5 cents" sign, and my sweet hubby made the mirror, I used pumpkin milk paint for the dry finish. Suprizingly, it washes and wipes off great!! I did the waynescot myself, a cheap way, by using 1 x 4s evenly spaced and then just painted it all out. The color on top is just plain antique white, (which I am going to do a fresh coat all over my house), it just gives a clean contrast to all the chipping paint I have around here:) I will try and get more pics soon, I am working on just the right medicine cabinet, so hopefully I will be done soon... Just thought you might get inspired.