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Monday, May 23, 2011

My Very First E~ Pattern!!!

Alot of people have asked me over the years, "Do you make patterns for this?" And I have always said "No". Well, that has come to an end. Introducing, my first pattern, "Early Pug". If you are interested in purchasing this pattern please e-mail me at wootown2003@yahoo.com and I will invoice you through Paypal. Please wait to be invoiced, so this will go smoothly for me. This is a new thing for me, so please bare with me. I will have more patterns, if this all goes smoothly like I hope...

*Ordering Instructions: E-mail subject put "Early Pug Pattern".
Wait for invoice, after I receive payment, then I will email your pattern. Patterns are subject to copyright laws, and can not be distributed unless I give permission. Price is $10.00 free ship.